Squaring the Circle

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Symbols are the result of either observation or imagination. Within most symbols, there are two meanings… an outer meaning (rational or scientific) and an inner meaning (mystical or spiritual).

To the rational ones, the mathematicians, squaring the circle is simply a mathematical problem. It is the challenge of constructing a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge.

To the mystical ones, squaring the circle represents striving to bring the Holy Spirit into matter (your body). The large circle represents God, the macrocosm, the universe, being complete and without beginning or end. Within the large circle is a triangle. The triangle represents the number 3 which represents the union of the numbers prior to it (one and two) and the trinity. The trinity can represent many concepts such as: the animal, vegetable, mineral kingdoms; the past, present, future; mind, body, spirit; father, mother, child; father, son, Holy Spirit. To the Greeks, the triangle was seen as the delta glyph and was symbolic of a doorway. The smaller circle represents the microcosm, or humanity, and is governed by the same laws as the macrocosm, the larger circle. The square represents stability, our physical world, and if all human behavior is conducted within the laws of nature, it is much easier to lead to a life of optimal health and security.

Our physical world, symbolized by the square, was an emanation of the spiritual world, symbolized by the circle. The mystics felt that all visible events (the square) proceeded from an invisible force (the circle). The mystical ones felts that the laws of the universe are orderly truths that must be understood and followed.

The expression "squaring the circle" is sometimes used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible. When a person starts their health journey trying to “cure” a chronic condition, in the beginning the concept of becoming vibrantly healthy may seem impossible, but with the right analysis, planning, implementation, positive mindset, discipline and compliance, it can become a reality.

In order for a patient with a chronic health problem to obtain results with a treatment program, there is a critical formula that must be followed by doctor and patient in order to "square the circle."

A + T + C + C = R


So what does this mean?
1. The doctor must perform a thorough assessment (history, exam, run tests).
2. The doctor must treat (issue a specific treatment program).
3. The patient must be compliant with the treatment program (do what they are told to do and not reinvent the wheel).
4. The patient must communicate with the doctor as to how the treatment program is working or not working during the process.

If the patient does not comply with the treatment program and does not communicate with the doctor, who does the patient usually blame? THE DOCTOR! I still haven’t figured that one out in 28+ years of practice. The bottom line… the doctor must listen to the patient and the patient must listen to the doctor. For management of chronic illnesses, it is a PARTNERSHIP… not a dictatorship. In acute care, patient care is usually a dictatorship and what the doctor and health care team says usually goes.

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